Wikidot And Facebook

My wikis application (draft preview)

Good start — simple application that lists Facebook user's Wikidot sites in a fancy manner using thumbnails and links to them (also a button get yourself a Wikidot site).

medium.jpg medium.jpg medium.jpg medium.jpg

Above + links + names of wikis below the images.

Wikidot inside of Facebook

Wikidot-based wiki inside of Facebook. Fixed theme (maybe let user choose colors), fixed width, fixed everything.


  • add a new page
  • list all pages
  • search
  • upgrade to Wikidot site/account
  • powered by Wikidot

Some things about it on blog entry.

Facebook authentication for Wikidot

Let Facebook users use their Facebook user/password pair to log in to Wikidot (no email confirmation or so).

Find friends from Facebook

Also from GMail, Jabber (GTalk), CSV address book…

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