Wikidot OS:

  • remove Lucene
  • add page like admin:manage
  • change email to email/login in login screen
  • update the Users and SuperUser modules
  • allow setting the superuser password from URL or better CLI
  • make *.deb packages
    • wikidot-core:
      • wikidot source
      • wikidot user
    • wikidot — install a single wiki instance
      • asks for port
      • asks for Admin password
      • asks whether you want installer to automatically configure PostgreSQL
        • yes: creates the db, bootstraps and install

CSS, templating, forms:

  • apply changes to code block extraction with URL to
    • lighttpd-wikidot.conf (rule for code)
    • UploadedFileFlowController.php
    • CodeExtracter.php
    • class/Wikidot/Form.php
    • class/Wikidot/Yaml.php
    • lib/spyc
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