Stuff I Did

Currently working as

SEO Engineer at Wikia Inc.

Previously worked at/with/on

  • Ad Engineer at Wikia Inc.
    • rewrote the ad stack mostly into highly-modular (AMD, proper unit tests) JavaScript
    • this allowed GEO-aware ad serving using multiple ad sources including Google's DoubleClick
    • reported and worked around many Google Publisher Tags bugs (most of them being fixed now)
    • working with postscribe (also reporting and working around some bugs) for the asynchronous document.write to integrate some older code from those old-school ad providers
  • Business R&D — as web programmer (but doing other stuff as well)
    • it let's you mirror the SVN-hosted library you want to use to GitHub (so you can use it as git submodule)
    • Lucene-based search
    • small administration tasks
    • performance tweaks
    • design work
    • lots of bug fixes, improvements and features
    • security auditing
    • Wikidot XML-RPC API
    • deploy improvements
    • web thumbnails service
    • URL-shortening and Twitter integration
    • lead maintainer and developer of the open-source fork (including making Debian packages, experimental features and other stuff)
  • TagFs — innovative filesystem based on tags instead of hierarchical structure
  • Aurochs — tag-based internet forum
  • pymalist — mail list server in Python
  • GaduServer — Gadu-Gadu server implementation in Java
  • AvatarEasy — avatar upload service featuring really easy service integration based on Google's AppSpot and Python
  • WWW server in 100-lines BASH script
  • (obsolete) pympd plugin



excellent analytics skills, great understanding of webapp/network stack, PHP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Python, Django, Twisted, Java, C++, Qt, C, Debian, Gentoo, Lighttpd, nginx, FastCGI, Puppet, BASH, grep, awk, sed, vim, SSH

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