Ideas For Search


  1. limit number of wikis added to the query (in case someone has a few thousand of them, it's a pain)
    • the number of wikis is limited to 99
  2. trigger site indexing on:
    • private/public change
    • site deletion
  3. include all types of wikis: public private
  4. allow Lucene syntax for those who know what it is
  5. search within
    • all user wikis
    • public wikis (for anonymous user)
    • both at once
    • listed wikis
      • given as a parameter to module
      • included in the query like "quake rocks site:community site:www"
        • change this to site:community,www,quake
  6. cache results in memcached
  7. compute the number of resulting pages (1 2 3 … 56 instead of 1 2 3 …)
  8. if a page is the main page of a wiki — add some keywords from site name and site tags
  9. [TEST] unify weighting across searches (this-wiki and all-wikis)
    • tags should have the same weight in both
    • title should have the same weight in both
    • [TEST] if relevancy checking is measured differently in tsearch vs lucene, try to set the weights in both engines in a way to get similar results
  10. give some good sites higher relevancy boost
    • define "good sites"
      • good = with many edits
      • (PRO = *2, PRO PLUS *3)
      • simple featured true/false switch (featured get some fixed boost)
  11. [?] use also tsearch tokenization
  12. [?] user search


  1. display total search results (about 7519)
  2. include site thumbnails in results and stats as a text (low/medium/high/top activity)
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