tag filesystem idea

31 Aug 2008 08:14

I just thought of my ideal file system, where nothing hides and is easy to find (without going through the whole system — either manually, or automatically — find or even the indexed way — mlocate).

The main idea is tags.
When I save a file I want to give it some tags.
Moreover, I want to be able to find a file based on its properties, like

  • file properties — author, date created, type (PDF/TXT/XML)
  • EXIF data — camera name, camera settings
  • audio tags — artist, title, year, album, genre

How could it look like?

# ls /home/quake
wikidot/    python/    work/    tmp/    img/    music/
# ls /home/quake/wikidot
work/    tmp/    img/    howto.pdf
# ls /home/quake/wikidot/work
# ls /home/quake/work/wikidot

So it looks, like it doesn't matter if you navigate to work and then to wikidot or the reverse.

Moreover, I want to browse all my music files (having music tag) by author information:

# ls /home/quake/music/+artist/
Britney Spears/    Shakira/

PDF files inside of wikidot:

# ls /home/quake/wikidot/+type/pdf/

This idea will be implemented with:

  • Filesystem in User SpacE — FUSE
  • Python
  • SQLite
  • Ubuntu laptop :)

Wish me luck

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