Search Highlight On Wikicomplete Info

05 Dec 2008 01:55

I just introduced this nice feature to the Wiki Complete wiki farm (based on Wikidot software).

How does it work?

Here are the Google results for female superheroes wikicomplete query:

locate any link from and click. The words female, superheroes, wikicomplete should be highlighted using different colors.

The same mechanism is used for local searches.

hartnellhartnell (the main admin of the Wiki Complete) really likes this feature. There is some chance we'll introduce it to! After the new search for wikidot is done.


If you wonder how did I do this, here is the answer. I used Zend_Search_Lucene utility for highlighting. It was all quick and easy after parsing the HTTP_REFERER looking for the actual search query.


This feature was implemented on some random pages I walked through. I hope you like it being implemented on WikiComplete!

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