Qt 4.7 and QtWebKit 2.0 Debian packages for ARM

29 Jul 2010 18:30

Qt 4.7 beta2 and QtWebKit 2.0 beta (weekly build)] are available in Debian experimental repository, but not for all architectures. Most notably the packages are missing for ARM architecture.

It's worth noting, that libqt4-webkit is no longer a valid package in experimental, but is a transitional package to pull libqtwebkit4, so now QtWebKit and Qt versions are quite independent. You can use Qt 4.6 or 4.7 with the QtWebKit 2.0.

I needed QtWebKit 2.0 on ARM, so I built it from deb-src. It went OK with no modifications of the source package.

When it comes to Qt's 4.7 beta release I needed to patch it slightly, to disable precompiled headers (for some reason, after generating them, they were not found by installation), —fast configure flag (not sure if this is needed) and I needed to tweak src/core/io/io.pri file, because for some reason linux-* {} section of qmake file was not properly applied. Also to properly compile stuff, I added Qt3 support.

My full diff to sources downloaded with apt-get -t experimental source qt4-x11

diff -ur original/qt4-x11-4.7.0~beta2/debian/rules modified/qt4-x11-4.7.0~beta2/debian/rules
--- original/qt4-x11-4.7.0~beta2/debian/rules    2010-07-29 18:27:41.000000000 +0000
+++ modified/qt4-x11-4.7.0~beta2/debian/rules    2010-07-29 18:27:52.000000000 +0000
@@ -89,7 +89,9 @@
                 -demosdir "/usr/lib/qt4/demos" \
                 -examplesdir "/usr/lib/qt4/examples" \
                 -opensource \
-                -fast \
+                -no-fast \
+                -no-pch \
+                -qt3support \
                 -plugin-sql-mysql \
                 -plugin-sql-odbc \
                 -plugin-sql-psql \
diff -ur original/qt4-x11-4.7.0~beta2/src/corelib/io/io.pri modified/qt4-x11-4.7.0~beta2/src/corelib/io/io.pri
--- original/qt4-x11-4.7.0~beta2/src/corelib/io/io.pri    2010-07-29 18:28:09.000000000 +0000
+++ modified/qt4-x11-4.7.0~beta2/src/corelib/io/io.pri    2010-07-29 18:28:17.000000000 +0000
@@ -74,7 +74,6 @@
             SOURCES += io/qsettings_mac.cpp io/qfilesystemwatcher_fsevents.cpp
-        linux-*:!symbian {
             SOURCES += \
                     io/qfilesystemwatcher_inotify.cpp \
@@ -82,7 +81,6 @@
             HEADERS += \
                     io/qfilesystemwatcher_inotify_p.h \
-        }
             SOURCES += io/qfilesystemwatcher_kqueue.cpp

You can find all of the compiled debs here:

File nameFile typeSize
libqt4-core_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)36.32 kBInfo
libqt4-dbg_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)3.1 MBInfo
libqt4-dbus_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)251.64 kBInfo
libqt4-declarative_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)1.14 MBInfo
libqt4-declarative-folderlistmodel_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)50.82 kBInfo
libqt4-declarative-gestures_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)50.83 kBInfo
libqt4-declarative-particles_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)59.99 kBInfo
libqt4-designer_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)4.24 MBInfo
libqt4-dev_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)5.11 MBInfo
libqt4-gui_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)36.31 kBInfo
libqt4-help_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)265.16 kBInfo
libqt4-network_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)621.58 kBInfo
libqt4-opengl_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)332.29 kBInfo
libqt4-opengl-dev_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)54.78 kBInfo
libqt4-phonon_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)172.39 kBInfo
libqt4-qt3support_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)1.2 MBInfo
libqt4-script_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)914.31 kBInfo
libqt4-scripttools_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)297.24 kBInfo
libqt4-sql_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)132.96 kBInfo
libqt4-sql-mysql_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)62.39 kBInfo
libqt4-sql-odbc_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)81.3 kBInfo
libqt4-sql-psql_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)65.82 kBInfo
libqt4-sql-sqlite2_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)51.32 kBInfo
libqt4-sql-sqlite_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)55.2 kBInfo
libqt4-sql-tds_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)57.78 kBInfo
libqt4-svg_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)194.82 kBInfo
libqt4-test_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)91.38 kBInfo
libqt4-webkit_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)36.28 kBInfo
libqt4-xml_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)135.5 kBInfo
libqt4-xmlpatterns_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)1.36 MBInfo
libqt4-xmlpatterns-dbg_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)286.96 kBInfo
libqtcore4_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)2.43 MBInfo
libqtgui4_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)4.56 MBInfo
libqtwebkit4_2.0~week26-2_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)5.74 MBInfo
libqtwebkit4-dbg_2.0~week26-2_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)1.34 MBInfo
libqtwebkit-dev_2.0~week26-2_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)54.02 kBInfo
qt4-demos_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)14.23 MBInfo
qt4-demos-dbg_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)1.25 MBInfo
qt4-designer_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)533.82 kBInfo
qt4-dev-tools_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)4.21 MBInfo
qt4-doc_4.7.0~beta2-3_all.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)88.23 MBInfo
qt4-doc-html_4.7.0~beta2-3_all.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)42.95 MBInfo
qt4-qmake_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)1.55 MBInfo
qt4-qmlviewer_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)128.46 kBInfo
qt4-qtconfig_4.7.0~beta2-3_armel.debDebian binary package (format 2.0)148.41 kBInfo

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