Pro Accounts For Testers Launched

09 Dec 2008 18:04

As MichaƂ announced on Pro testers Wikidot wiki, we have launched the option to buy account upgrades on Wikidot for Pro account testers. We decided, that for their support, they should get a special discount — and yet they get! $45 instead of $60 after the test period seems a good option :).

Premium features include:

  • more wikis and more storage
  • storage is limited at the user level (i.e. there is only a limit on total size occupied by files on all your wikis — you can use all your storage on one of wikis)
  • you can also set storage quota on each wiki — to divide the storage as you wish
  • HTTPs
  • unlimited number of users on private wikis
  • web statistics

Additionally there are number of settings that are available only for Pro Users.

And — nobody surprised — we're working on even more cool features — like FTP access (read/write) to wiki files (imagine uploading 20 files using and FTP program vs uploading them one-by-one with your browser).

Keep tuned!

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