New search for Wikidot's gonna rock!

09 Dec 2008 21:53

New search module is on its way to Wikidot (I described this before). Now it's actively tested at Wiki Complete.

I must say it's gonna absolutely rock!

First of all it'll give much more relevant results than before:

  • title and tags are much important than pure page content for the indexer
  • only 1-3 minutes delay of indexing/searching after an edit (compare to Google's a few days)
  • searches for given phrase in all public sites plus all the sites you are member of (including private)!
  • results from wikis you are member of appear generally higher in the result list, because the indexer gives them more relevance factor than to similar results from other sites.

More features:

  • really fast (typically search is done in just 2 seconds or even less if the result is cached)
  • thumbnails of sites (feature to come)
  • short activity of site information (feature to come)
  • supply the sites to search through in the query with special keyword: site:X,Y,Z — searches for given phrase in three sites: X, Y, Z
  • supply the sites to search through as the param to SearchSites module (feature and module to come yet)

Are you convinced yet?

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